Beranda Berita Minister Basuki: Infrastructure Spending Must Be Quality and Improve the Economy
Beranda Berita Minister Basuki: Infrastructure Spending Must Be Quality and Improve the Economy

Minister Basuki: Infrastructure Spending Must Be Quality and Improve the Economy

  •  10 Juli 2019
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Minister Basuki: Infrastructure Spending Must Be Quality and Improve the Economy
Foto: Minister Basuki: Infrastructure Spending Must Be Quality and Improve the Economy

Jakarta - Minister of Public Works and Public Housing (PUPR) Basuki Hadimuljono said infrastructure spending at the Ministry of PUPR must be quality and support national economic growth, particularly through investment. Infrastructure that is built must have an economic impact, namely the distribution of development results, regional growth, and opening up jobs in the construction sector and its follow-up.

"The task of the Ministry of PUPR is to spend state money accountably, transparently, effectively and efficiently. Every rupiah spent must have an impact on the economy. For example, road construction must be connected to industrial estates, ports and tourism. In addition, now the task is not only to build infrastructure using the APBN Budget Implementation List (DIPA), but also to provide services to facilitate investment for the private sector and business entities, "Minister Basuki said in his briefing to the ASN Ministry of PUPR at the Working Meeting with the theme "Evaluation of the Implementation of 2019 & Preparation for 2020 Budgeting", in Jakarta, Tuesday (07/09/2019).

Minister Basuki said the implementation of the Working Meeting also followed up on what was conveyed by the Minister of Finance that the financial realization of the Ministry of PUPR was below the national average of 40%, while the financial realization of the Ministry of PUPR as of July 8, 2019 was 26.18% and physical realization 27.36 % of the total budget of Rp 117.81 trillion. "The Ministry of Finance also noted that the Ministry of high absorption is more on social assistance spending. Not wanting to defend themselves, the Ministry of PUPR underwent a reorganization, then there was an Election, and the Idul Fitri holiday, so some work had to be stopped. From the results of the Raker evaluation today, our prognosis is that the financial realization by the end of 2019 is 92.75%, "said Minister Basuki.

To achieve this target, the auction is targeted to have been completely completed in July 2019. This year, the auction of goods and services is carried out by the new organizational unit of the Ministry of PUPR, the Construction Services Selection Implementing Agency (BP2JK) formed by each province. BP2JK is supported by independent human resources and better business processes so that it is expected that the process and results of government procurement of goods and services at the Ministry of PUPR are more effective, efficient, transparent, quality and accountable.

In infrastructure development, Minister Basuki also said that he expected the private sector to grow more significantly. For this reason, the Ministry of PUPR limits the involvement of BUMN Karya not to handle work packages with values below Rp. 100 billion.

Prevention of the Dangers of Radicalism and Terrorism

In the Working Meeting attended by 1,610 ASN Ministry of PUPR ranging from Senior High Officials, Primary High Officials, Administrator Officers, Head of Central Balai / Balai, Work Unit Heads, Echelon III and Echelon IV also invited the Head of the National Terrorism Prevention Agency (BNPT) Commissioner General Suhardi Police Alius who delivered about national resonance and danger and the prevention of understanding radicalism and terrorism.

Minister Basuki said the ASN Ministry of PUPR was not only loyal to PUPR leaders and institutions, but the first was loyalty to the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia (NKRI). "We have a lot of assignments, there is no time to gossip and relax," said Minister Basuki in his ranks.

While Suhardi said the Ministry of PUPR was committed to preventing the spread of radicalism in the PUPR environment. "For the first time I gave a lecture at the Ministry with this number of participants. This is the second time I have been invited by the Ministry of PUPR, previously attended by the CPNS of the Ministry of PUPR. So far we have been assisted by the Ministry of PUPR in order to identify and provide handling of terrorism in the upstream, especially related to infrastructure development. Prevention of terrorism is not only done by hard power but also soft power, "said Suhardi.

In infrastructure development, the Ministry of PUPR also supports efforts to prevent the danger of radicalism and terrorism in Indonesia. The Ministry of PUPR as a member of the implementation team and the synergistic task force team between K / L has signed a Joint Agreement with the National Counterterrorism Agency (BNPT) related to the implementation of synergy activities between K / L in order to support the Terrorism Countermeasures Program. (*)

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