Beranda Profil Budget Information
Beranda Profil Budget Information

Budget Information

  •  09 Sept 2021

Strategic Plan (Renstra)

The Strategic Plan of the Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing for the Year 2020-2024, hereinafter referred to as the Strategic Plan is a planning document of the Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing for a period of 5 (five) years starting from 2020 to 2024. The Strategic Plan includes a description of the conditions, potentials and problems, vision and mission, objectives, strategic targets, policy directions and development strategies in the field of public works and public housing, programs, program targets, activities and activity targets, activity outputs, achievement targets, and funding.
The strategic targets and program targets that have been set in the Strategic Plan must be translated into activity targets for each work unit and technical implementing unit following the National Medium-Term Development Plan for 2020-2024 and the National Long-Term Development Plan for 2005-2025.

Strategic Plan of Highways 2015-2019 [Download

Review of the Strategic Plan of Highways 2015-2019 [Download

Strategic Plan of the Ministry of Public Works and Housing 2020-2024[Download]

Performance Accountability Report of Government Agencies (LAKIP)

Government Institution Performance Report The Directorate General of Highwaysis one of the embodiments of the performance budget report based on performance as well as the accountability report in realizing the vision, mission and objectives of the organization.

LAKIP 2015 [Download]

LAKIP 2016 (28 MB) [Download]

LKIP 2017 (47 MB) [Download]

LKIP 2018 [Download]

LKIP 2019 (33 MB) [Download]  

LKIP 2020 [Download

Budget Implementation Field List

It is a budget implementation document made by the Directorate General of Highways and authorized by the Director General of the Treasury on behalf of the Minister of Finance and serves as a basis for taking actions that result in state expenditure and disbursement of funds at the expense of the State Budget and supporting documents of government accounting activities.

DIPA FY 2018 [Download]

DIPA FY 2019 [Download]

DIPA FY 2020 [Download]


Ministry / Institution Work Plan and Budget (RKA K/L)

It is a budgeting document prepared by the Ministries / Institutions and their work units

RKA K/L 2019 [Download]

RKA K/L 2020 [Download]



Ministry / Institution Work Plan (RENJA K/L)

RENJA K/L 2018 [Download]

RENJA K/L 2019 [Download]

RENJA K/L 2020 [Download]