Beranda Profil Policy Direction
Beranda Profil Policy Direction

Policy Direction

  •  09 Sept 2021


  • Road Preservation
    Improving the quality of road stability  is carried out through road  maintenance needs, including routine road maintenance and road completeness. This road maintenance aims to improve the quality of national roads as measured by the average value of road roughness (IRI), pavement index (PCI), age of road structure, and road drainage. Fulfilment of road maintenance needs is encouraged through improved road management governance that prioritizes routine periodic maintenance, rehabilitation, and reconstruction activities.
  • Road and Bridge Construction
    Increasing availibility of road networks that support regional development is carried out through the construction of roads on the main island causeway, roads that support priority industrial and tourism areas, access roads to priority transportation nodes, outermost ring/trans-island roads and access roads supporting 3T areas and border areas. For example, the completion of the Trans Sumatera toll road connecting Aceh – Lampung is a priority program to reduce travel times and provide access to the main port of Kuala Tanjung, thereby encouraging the development of industrial estates  along the corridor. The construction of access roads to priority nodes is directed at ensuring optimal utilization of infrastructures such as ports and airports. It is necessary to stregthen coordination of planning for the construction of transportation nodes and access roads with related Ministries/ Institutions.
  • National Road Arrangement in Urban Areas
    Plans for improving urban road network services through effective and efficient maintenance of urban roads as well as inceasing the capacity of safe urban roads that support the integration of urban mass transportation, including: (i) Revitalizing the urban road network, especially the arrangement of national roads with the ring road concept so as not to interfere with traffic in the city; (ii) Arrangement of level crossings to reduce road congestion at intersections; (iii) Road support for the development of mass transportation modes of transportation; (iv) Development of new road networks in urban areas by utilizing existing road ROWs in the form of elevated/ submerged roads to minimize land acquisition which costs are very high in urban areas; (v) Improve urban road conditions by providing more drainage systems to prevent flooding and pedestrian-friendly sidewalks; (vi) Optimizing the flyover construction method, especially the railway line with the minimum possible use of land.
  • Fulfilment of Gap Funding through Alternative Financing Schemes
    The Govenrment Cooperation with Business Entities (PPP) – Availibility Payment (AP) scheme based on performance as well as the Regional Road Grant Program that encourages road maintenance need to be expanded. The PPP-AP scheme also supports road quality through integrated road management and the operation of weighbridges to control road overload behaviour (Over Dimension Over Loading)