Road Materials and Pavement Design (Vol.20, issue 3, 2019)

Road Materials and Pavement Design (Vol.20, issue 3, 2019)

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Publish Date: 30 Tue 2019

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1. Investigation of anisotropic flow in asphalt mixtures using the X-ray image technique: pore structure effect
  Huining XuXingao YaoDawei Wang & Yiqiu Tan
2. Temperature distribution of asphalt bridge deck pavement with groundwater circulation temperature control system under high- and low-temperature conditions
  Han-Cheng DanJia-Wei Tan & Jia-Qi Chen
3. Transient unsaturated flow in the drainage layer of a highway: solution and drainage performance
  Han-Cheng DanZhi ZhangXiang Liu & Jia-Qi Chen
4. Evaluation of interface bonding conditions based on non-destructing testing deflection measurements
  Momen MousaMostafa A. ElseifiOmar Elbagalati & Louay N. Mohammad
5. Determination of the optimum polystyrene parameters using asphalt binder modified with poly(styrene-acrylated epoxidised soybean oil) through response surface modelling
  Conglin ChenJoseph H. PodolskyR. Christopher Williams & Eric W. Cochran
6. Experimental application of waste glass powder filler in recycled dense-graded asphalt mixtures
  Andrea SimoneFrancesco MazzottaShahin EskandarsefatCesare SangiorgiValeria VignaliClaudio Lantieri & Giulio Dondi
7. Long-term resilient behaviour of thawed saturated silty clay under repeated cyclic loading: experimental evidence and evolution model
  Bo LinFeng Zhang & Decheng Feng
8. Stiffness and strength properties of spent coffee grounds-recycled glass geopolymers
  Arul ArulrajahTeck-Ang KuaCherdsak Suksiripattanapong & Suksun Horpibulsuk
9. Investigation into enhancing and evaluating curing efficiency of joints in concrete pavements
  Mohammad Tiznobaik & Mohamed T. Bassuoni
10. Influence of different fillers and SBS modified bituminous blends on fatigue, self-healing and thixotropic performance of mastics
  Giorgia MazzoniAmedeo Virgili & Francesco Canestrari
11. An overview of the use of nanoclay modified bitumen in asphalt mixtures for enhanced flexible pavement performances
  Fernando C. G. Martinho & José Paulo S. Farinha
12. Utilisation of construction and demolition materials with clay for road pavement subgrade
  A.F. CabalarO.A.A. Zardikawi & M.D. Abdulnafaa
13. Development and performance evaluation of epoxy asphalt concrete modified with glass fibre
  Xi WangRuobing Wu & Lulu Zhang
14. Wearing characteristics assessment of pervious concrete pavements
  Ivanka Netinger GrubešaIvana Bariši?Tomislav Keser & Martina Vra?evi?
15. Dynamic modulus and phase angle models for New Mexico’s Superpave mixtures
  A. S. M. Asifur RahmanMd. Rashadul Islam & Rafiqul A. Tarefder


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