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Structural Mechanics Fundamentals

AuthorsCarpinteri, Alberto;
PublisherCRC Press
Published Year2014
Nomor Panggil624.01/.07 CAR s
Deskripsi Fisikxiii, 498p.: illus.; 18 x 25,5 cm
AbstrakThis book gives you a complete and uniform treatment of the most fundamental and essential topics in structural mechanics. Presenting a traditional subject in an updated and modernized way, this book merges classical topics with ones that have taken shape in more recent times, such as duality:geometry of areas kinematics and statics of rigid body systems determination of constraint reactions internal beam reactions statically determinate beam systems analysis of strain and stress theory of elasticity the Saint Venant problem beams and plates in flexure statically indeterminate beam systems: method of forces energy methods for the solution of beam systems.It can be used as a text for final year undergraduate or graduate students in structural engineering or even by some architecture students and also serves as a useful reference for practicing engineers and researchers. LOKASI: Ruang Koleksi Umum Rak: 3
ISBN / ISSN9780415580328
AuthorsCarpinteri, Alberto;