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Road Materials and Pavement Design (Vol.20, issue 4, 2019)

Create: 30-07-2019

Daftar Isi "Road Materials and Pavement Design" (Vol.20, Issue 4, 2019)

1. Effects of reclaimed asphalt materials on geotechnical characteristics of recycled concrete aggregates as a pavement material
  S. JayakodyC. Gallage & J. Ramanujam
2. Rheology and storage stability of modified binders with waste polymers composites
  Danial Nasr & Amir Hossein Pakshir
3. The effects of different types of fibres and geotextiles for pavement design
  Elif Cicek
4. Non-destructive evaluation of nano silica-modified roller-compacted rubbercrete using combined SonReb and response surface methodology
  Bashar S. Mohammed & Musa Adamu
5. Flexural properties of chemically stabilised subgrade in designing semi-rigid pavements
  Moeen NazariRouzbeh Ghabchi & Musharraf Zaman
6. Evaluation of flexural behaviour of geosynthetic-reinforced unbound granular material beams
  K.H. MamathaS.V. Dinesh & J.K. Dattatreya
7. The influence of stone crushing processes on aggregate shape properties
  Lara Marques DiógenesIuri Sidney BessaVerônica Teixeira Franco Castelo Branco & Enad Mahmoud
8. Comparative evaluation of mechanistic–empirical performance models as a tool for establishing pavement performance specifications
  Mirkat OshoneDavid J. MenschingJo Sias Daniel & Leslie Myers McCarthy
9. Numerical investigation of dry and wet mixing processes of asphalt mixtures containing reclaimed asphalt pavement
  Kun Zhang & Balasingam Muhunthan
10. Rapid evaluation of a transverse crack on a semi-rigid pavement utilising deflection basin data
  Yingjie Deng & Qun Yang
11. Dynamic response analyses of snow-melting airport rigid pavement under different types of moving loads
  Yong-Kang FuYun-Liang LiYi-Qiu Tan & Chi Zhang
12. The influence of filler type and gradation on the rheological performance of mastics
  K. RiekstsM. Pettinari & V. Haritonovs
13. Experimental evaluation of rice husk ash and fly ash as alternative fillers in hot-mix asphalt
  Raja MistrySandip Karmakar & Tapas Kumar Roy
14. Comparison on properties of cement-stabilised gravel prepared by different laboratory compaction methods
  Xiaoping JiYueqin HouXianghang Li & Tao Wang

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