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International Journal of Pavement Engineering" (Vol.20, issue 8, 2019)

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Daftar Isi "International Journal of Pavement Engineering" (Vol.20, issue 8, 2019)

1. Correlation between pavement temperature and deflection basin form factors of asphalt pavement
  Yuanxun ZhengPeng Zhang & Heng Liu
2. Feasibility study of ECC with self-healing capacity applied on the long-span steel bridge deck overlay
  Zhigang ZhangJing Hu & Hui Ma
3. Developing a methodology to evaluate the effectiveness of pavement treatments applied to low-volume paved roads
  Marwan HafezKhaled Ksaibati & Rebecca Atadero
4. Evaluation on compactibility and workability of roller-compacted concrete for pavement
  Chamroeun ChhornYoung Kyu KimSeong Jae Hong & Seung Woo Lee
5. Evaluation of the lateral loading caused by aircraft with complex gear configurations turning during taxiing
  QingLong YouJingLian Ma & Zhi Zhao
6. Long-term durability of epoxy-modified open-graded porous asphalt wearing course
  Jeremy P. WuPhilip R. Herrington & David Alabaster
7. Effects of material characteristics on asphalt and filler interaction ability
  Jiupeng ZhangXueqian LiGuoqiang Liu & Jianzhong Pei
8. Evaluating the impact of different types of stabilised bases on the overall performance of flexible pavements
  Andraé FrancoisAyman Ali & Yusuf Mehta
9. Impact of subsurface water on structural performance of inundated flexible pavements
  Mohamed ElshaerMajid Ghayoomi & Jo Sias Daniel
10. Characterising pavement roughness at non-uniform speeds using connected vehicles
  Raj BridgelallJill Hough & Denver Tolliver
11. Contribution to pavement friction modelling: an introduction of the wetting effect
  Malal KaneMinh-Tan DoVeronique CerezoZoltan Rado & Chiraz Khelifi
12. Investigating the indirect tensile stiffness, toughness and fatigue life of hot mix asphalt containing copper slag powder
  Amir Modarres & Peyman Alinia Bengar
13. Investigation and modelling of asphalt pavement performance in cold regions
  Waleed ZeiadaKhaled HamadMaher OmarB. Shane UnderwoodMohamad Ali Khalil & Abdul Saboor Karzad

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