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International Journal of Pavement Engineering" (Vol.20, issue 7, 2019)

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Daftar Isi "International Journal of Pavement Engineering" (Vol.20, issue 7, 2019)

1. Influence of material heterogeneity in the fracture of asphalt mixtures
  Jaime WillsSilvia Caro & Andrew Braham
2. Assessment of sulphates effect on pH and pozzolanic reactions of soil–lime–natural pozzolana mixtures
  Hamid GadouriKhelifa Harichane & Mohamed Ghrici
3. Effect of copper slag on performance of warm mix asphalt
  Hassan ZiariAli MoniriReza Imaninasab & Mostafa Nakhaei
4. Comparison of methods for evaluating airport pavement roughness
  Giuseppe Loprencipe & Pablo Zoccali
5. Comparative analysis of bio-binder properties derived from different sources
  Min HeCheng TuDong Wei Cao & Yan Ju Chen
6. Modelling and simulation of pavement drainage
  Wolfram ResselAnne WolffStefan Alber & Irmgard Rucker
7. In situ measurements of emulsion application rates
  Mary Rawls & Cassie Castorena
8. Winter temperature prediction for near-surface depth of pervious concrete pavement
  Benjamin Nantasai & Somayeh Nassiri
9. Rigid pavement performance models by means of Markov Chains with half-year step time
  Heriberto Pérez-AceboNicolae MindraAlexandru Railean & Eduardo Rojí
10. Fuzzy cluster approach for area FWD representative basin from deflection measurement spatial variability
  Alessandra Bianchini & Haley P. Bell
11. The assessment of damage to Texas highways due to oversize and overweight loads considering climatic factors
  Dayong WuJunxuan ZhaoHonchao Liu & Changwei Yuan
12. Investigation into physical and mechanical properties of SRX-stabilised crushed rock using different compaction methods
  Yingjun Jiang & Jinshun Xue

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