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Journal of Transportation Engineering, Part A: Systems

Create: 26-07-2019

Daftar isi "Jornal of Transportation Engineering, Part A: Systems (Vol 145, Issue 5 2019)

1. Rail Pad Stiffness and Classification System
  Nazmul Hasan
Bayesian Regression Approach to Estimate Speed Threshold under Uncertainty for Traffic Breakdown Event Identification
  Emmanuel Kidando, Ren Moses and Thobias Sando
Cell Transmission Model for Mixed Traffic Flow with Connected and Autonomous Vehicles
  Yanyan Qin and Hao Wang
Dynamic Four-Step Planning Model of Empty Repositioning Trips for Personal Autonomous Vehicles
  Michael W. Levin, Hannah Smith and Stephen D. Boyles
Deterministic and Stochastic Freeway Capacity Analysis Based on Weather Conditions
  Seiran Heshami, Lina Kattan, Zhengyi Gong and Soheila Aalami
Applying Probabilistic Model to Quantify Influence of Rainy Weather on Stochastic and Dynamic Transition of Traffic Conditions
  Emmanuel Kidando, Angela E. Kitali, Sia M. Lyimo, Thobias Sando, Ren Moses, Valerian Kwigizile and Deo Chimba
7. Large-Scale Full-Coverage Traffic Speed Estimation under Extreme Traffic Conditions Using a Big Data and Deep Learning Approach: Case Study in China
  Fan Ding, Zhen Zhang, Yang Zhou, Xiaoxuan Chen and Bin Ran

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