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Journal of Bridge Engineering (Vol 22, Issue 8, 2017)

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1 Moment Redistribution in EPC Continuous Curved Box Beams
  Taiyu Song, Yin Shen and Guoping Li
2 Punching Shear Strength of CFT Bridge Column to Reinforced Concrete Four-Pile Cap Connections
  Xian Li, Yun-Peng Wu, Xin-Zhang Li, Jun Xia and Heng-Lin Lv
3 Experimental Study of UHPC Repair for Corrosion-Damaged Steel Girder Ends
  Kevin M. Zmetra, Kevin F. McMullen, Arash E. Zaghi and Kay Wille
4 Damage Detection in the Cable Structures of a Bridge Using the Virtual Distortion Method
  Shi-Wei Lin, Ting-Hua Yi, Hong-Nan Li and Liang Ren
5 Long-Term Behavior of Prestressed Concrete Bridges with Corrugated Steel Webs
  X. C. Chen, M. Pandey, Z. Z. Bai and F. T. K. Au
6 New Simplified Method for Designing Seismically Isolated Highway Bridges with Massive Piers
  Yudong Mao, Robert Tremblay, Pierre Léger and Jianzhong Li
7 Shaking-Table Testing of High Energy–Dissipating Rubberized Concrete Columns
  Ayman Moustafa, Ahmed Gheni and Mohamed A. ElGawady
8 Modeling the Shear Connection in Adjacent Box-Beam Bridges with Ultrahigh-Performance Concrete Joints. I: Model Calibration and Validation
  Husam H. Hussein, et al.
9 Modeling the Shear Connection in Adjacent Box-Beam Bridges with Ultrahigh-Performance Concrete Joints. II: Load Transfer Mechanism
  Shad M. Sargand, et al.
10 Influence of SSI on the Stiffness of Bridge Systems Founded on Caissons
  Alessandra De Angelis, et al.
11 Transverse Analysis of a Prestressed Concrete Wide Box Girder with Stiffened Ribs
  Man Zhou, et al.
12 New Method for Generating Strut-and-Tie Models of Three-Dimensional Concrete Anchorage Zones and Box Girders
  Jitao Zhong, Lai Wang, Man Zhou and Yunfeng Li
13 Experimental Investigations on the Nonlinear Torsional Flutter of a Bridge Deck
  Mingjie Zhang, Fuyou Xu and Xuyong Ying
14 Structural Identification of a Concrete-Filled Steel Tubular Arch Bridge via Ambient Vibration Test Data
  Yun Zhou, Junkai Zhang, Weijian Yi, Yunzhong Jiang and Qin Pan
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