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Journal of Bridge Engineering (Vol 22, Issue 4, 2017)

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Daftar Isi "Journal of Bridge Engineering" volume 22, Issue 4 2017

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1 Parametric Study on Effects of Pile Orientation in Integral Abutment Bridges
  Brooke H. Quinn and Scott A. Civjan
2 Reliability Assessment Framework of the Long-Span Cable-Stayed Bridge and Traffic System Subjected to Cable Breakage Events
  Yufen Zhou and Suren Chen
3 A Practical Approach for Generating the Strut-and-Tie Models of Anchorage Zones
  Jitao Zhong, Lai Wang, Yunfeng Li and Man Zhou
4 Behavior of Perforated Shear Connectors in Steel–Concrete Composite Joints of Hybrid Bridges
  Lin Xiao, Xiaozhen Li and Zhongguo John Ma
5 Lateral Live-Load Distribution of Dual-Lane Vehicles with Nonstandard Axle Configurations
  Yaohua Deng, Brent M. Phares and Ping Lu
6 Seismic Performance of Compact Beam–Column Connections with Welding Defects in Steel Bridge Piers
  Liang-Jiu Jia, Toyoki Ikai, Hanbin Ge and Shinki Hada
7 Experimental Study on Steel Jacket–Concrete Composite Connections
  Xin Nie, Yue Yang, Jiansheng Fan, Y. L. Mo and Jianguo Nie
8 Investigation of Distortion-Induced Web-Gap Cracking in a Seismically Retrofitted Steel Bridge: Repair Measures
  Mehdi Motaleb, Nick Duong, Will Lindquist and Riyadh Hindi
9 Live-Load Factor and Load Combination for Bridge Systems Conveying Extremely Heavy Mining Trucks
  Fadi Oudah, Glen Norlander and Raafat El-Hacha
10 Novel Virtual Simply Supported Beam Method for Detecting the Speed and Axles of Moving Vehicles on Bridges
  Wei He, Lu Deng, Hai Shi, C. S. Cai and Yang Yu
11 Influence of Stationary Vehicles on Bridge Aerodynamic and Aeroelastic Coefficients
  Stanislav Pospíšil, Ph.D., et al
12 Smartphone-Based Mobile Testing Technique for Quick Bridge Cable–Force Measurement 
  Xuefeng Zhao, Ph.D., A.M.ASCE, et al
13 Characterization of Bond-Loss Failures in Pretensioned Concrete Girders
  Behnam Naji, S.M.ASCE, et al

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