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Journal of Bridge Engineering (Vol 22, Issue 10, 2017)

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1 Bridge Design Framework for Target Seismic Loss
  Behzad Zakeri and Farzin Zareian
2 WIM-Based Live-Load Model for Advanced Analysis of Simply Supported Short- and Medium-Span Highway Bridges
  Giorgio Anitori, Joan R. Casas and Michel Ghosn
3 Determination of Markov Transition Probabilities to be Used in Bridge Management from Mechanistic-Empirical Models
  Nam Lethanh, Jürgen Hackl and Bryan T. Adey
4 Resilient Bridge Rocking Columns with Polyurethane Damage-Resistant End Segments and Replaceable Energy-Dissipating Links
  M. T. Nikoukalam and P. Sideris
5 Vibration-Based Damage Detection of Bridges under Varying Temperature Effects Using Time-Series Analysis and Artificial Neural Networks
  Branislav Kostić and Mustafa Gül
6 Simplified System-Level Pavement-Stiffness Model for Box Culvert Load-Rating Applications
  Hoyoung Seo, Timothy A. Wood, Amir Hossein Javid and William D. Lawson
7 Live Load Distribution Factors for Spread Slab Beam Bridges
  Tevfik Terzioglu, Mary Beth D. Hueste and John B. Mander
8 Experimental Investigation on Relations between Flutter Derivatives and Aerodynamic Admittances
  Zhitian Zhang and Weifeng Zhang
9 Thermo-Structural Response of Highway Bridge Structures with Tub Girders and Plate Girders
  Mohammad N. H. Nahid, Elisa D. Sotelino and Brian Y. Lattimer
10 Elastic-to-Plastic Strut-and-Tie Model for Concentric Anchorage Zones
  Linyun Zhou, Zhao Liu and Zhiqi He
11 Experimental Study of the Aseismic Effect of a Locking Ball for a Continuous Bridge
  Wenxue Zhang, Rong Fang, Shitong Chen and Hanqing Zhao
12 Effect of Strain Hardening on the Flexural Resistance of Composite Plate Girders Using HSB600 High-Performance Steel in Positive Bending
  Ji-Hoon Lim and Dong-Ho Choi
13 Real-Time Reference-Free Displacement of Railroad Bridges during Train-Crossing Events
  A. I. Ozdagli, J. A. Gomez and F. Moreu
14 Fatigue Life Evaluation on Short Suspenders of Long-Span Suspension Bridge with Central Clamps
  Zhongxiang Liu, Tong Guo, Lingyu Huang and Zhihong Pan
15 Crack Propagation and Control in Concentric Posttensioned Anchorage Zones
  Linyun Zhou, Zhao Liu and Zhiqi He
16 Load-Capacity Rating of Bridge Populations through Machine Learning: Application of Decision Trees and Random Forests
  Mohamad Alipour, et al.
17 Coupled Fatigue-Corrosion Failure Analysis and Performance Assessment of RC Bridge Deck Slabs
  Dong-Hui Yang, Ting-Hua Yi and Hong-Nan Li
18 Testing and Analysis of Precast Columns with Grouted Sleeve Connections and Shifted Plastic Hinging
  Zachary B. Haber, Kevin R. Mackie and Haider M. Al-Jelawy
19 Performance of FRCM-Strengthened RC Beams Subject to Fatigue
  Vanessa Pino, et al.
20 Multilevel Performance Classifications of Tall RC Bridge Columns toward Postearthquake Rehabilitation Requirements
  Zhongguo Guan, Juhui Zhang and Jianzhong Li
21 Analytical Study on Internal Force Transfer of Perfobond Rib Shear Connector Group Using a Nonlinear Spring Model
  Qinghua Zhang, et al.

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